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1901:Hamlet Avenue looking toward the bridge.MillOffice-1: Might be Eugene Dursin Henry Dursin I's younger brother.MillOffice-2: "Is this Mr. Hamsted?  (Compare with photo #92)"MillOffice-3: Henri/Henry Dursin in center, others?.MillOffice-4: Henri/Henry DursinMillOffice-5: Henri/Henry Dursin foreground, might be Eugene Dursin in the background?MillOffice-6 These appear to be bookkeepersMillOffice-7: Who are these men?MillOffice-8: Who is this?MillOffice-9: Who is this?MillOffice-10: Who is this?MillOffice-11 Who is this?Millworkers-1 Lafayette Mill workersMillworkers-2 Lafayette Mill workersMillworkers-3 Lafayette Mill workersMillworkers-4 Lafayette Mill workersMillworkers-5 Lafayette Mill workersMillworkers-6 Lafayette Mill workersMillWorkers-7  Lafayette Mill workersMillWorkers-8  Lafayette Mill workers